Promo Update Start End Description
Smouldering Lamps Update 28 November 1 December Smouldering lamps use bonus experience when giving their reward.

[[Update:Treasure Hunter – Smouldering Lamps|]]Edit

28 November - 1 December

Smouldering lamps use bonus experience when giving their reward.

[[Update:Treasure Hunter – Meteor Storm (2014)|]]Edit

6 November - 11 November

Meteorites and space dust give 75% extra (bonus) experience when used on one of the player's five lowest skills, and 25% otherwise.

[[Update:Treasure Hunter: Halloween - From This Weekend|]]Edit

24 October - 3 November

Obtain Ghostweave fabric to create six outfits to trick-or-treat NPCs in Gielinor for chocolate rewards.

[[Update:Treasure Hunter – Rune Ethereals|]]Edit

16 October - 21 October

Obtain Ethereal outfits, which assist in your Runecrafting skill in multiple ways.

[[Update:Treasure Hunter – Protean Traps|]]Edit

10 October - 14 October

Protean traps can be used to catch a variety of animals for a higher amount of Hunter experience without receiving loot.

[[Update:Treasure Hunter - Skill Outfit Head Add-Ons|]]Edit

26 September - 30 September

Add-ons can be won to upgrade the blacksmith's helmet, artisan's bandana, diviner's headwear and shaman's headdress.

[[Update:Treasure Hunter – Talk like a Pirate Day!|]]Edit

18 September - 25 September

Players can win doubloons which can be exchanged for a variety of pirate-themed items.

[[Update:Treasure Hunter – Rival Challenges|]]Edit

12 September - 15 September

Captain Haskell is back, and using challenge tokens, players can receive scaled-down daily challenges.

[[Update:Treasure Hunter – Ace of Trades|]]Edit

29 August - 9 September

Complete skill cards for a large experience reward.

[[Update:Treasure Hunter – Genie's Blessing|]]Edit

22 August - 25 August

When using a lamp or star won on Treasure Hunter, the player has a chance to spawn Karima, giving them extra bonus experience or coins.

[[Update:Treasure Hunter – Elite Training Dummies|]]Edit

12 August - 18 August

Training dummies can be used to obtain experience in the chosen combat style.

[[Update:Treasure Hunter – Totems of Wisdom|]]Edit

1 August - 8 August

Player can win essence of wisdom, which can be used to place town totems that give bonus experience to anyone who attunes to it.

[[Update:Treasure Hunter – Divine Recall|]]Edit

25 July - 29 July

Fading memories, when equipped in the pocket slot, give various bonuses when training Divination.

[[Update:Treasure Hunter – Blast from the Past II|]]Edit

17 July - 22 July

Old rares can once again be won on Treasure Hunter.

[[Update:Treasure Hunter – Lucky Clover Necklaces|]]Edit

4 July - 15 July

Clover necklaces can be won, which offer coins and prizes to win randomly.

[[Update:Treasure Hunter – Spring Cleaner|]]Edit

27 June - 1 July

The spring cleaner can take various drops and turn them into base materials or bonus experience, at the cost of springs.

[[Update:Treasure Hunter – Gemstone Golem Outfits|]]Edit

19 June - 24 June

Pieces of golem outfit can be won, which gives bonuses when training Mining.

[[Update:Treasure Hunter: Large Gnomeball & Recolourable Kit|]]Edit

13 June - 17 June

The gnomeballer's kit and the large gnomeball could be won.

[[Update:Treasure Hunter – Prismania 2|]]Edit

4 June - 11 June

All lamps and stars on Treasure Hunter are prismatic and provide 50% more experience.

[[Update:Treasure Hunter – Cloak of Seasons|]]Edit

23 May - 3 June

Pieces of the Cloak of Spring, Cloak of Summer, Cloak of Autumn and Cloak of Winter can be won, which combine into the Cloak of Seasons.

[[Update:Treasure Hunter – Protean Smithing Bars|]]Edit

16 May - 20 May

Protean bars can be won, which give a fair chunk of Smithing experience when used.

[[Update:Treasure Hunter – Farming Skill Outfit|]]Edit

9 May - 13 May

The farmer's outfit is available, giving various Farming-related benefits when worn.

[[Update:Treasure Hunter – Portable Skill Stations|]]Edit

2 May - 6 May

Various portable skill stations can be won, for on-the-go Herblore, Smithing and Cooking experience as well as a sawmill that gives protean planks.

[[Update:Treasure Hunter – Easter Eggstravaganza|]]Edit

17 April - 22 April

Six eggs are available. 3 tradeable and 3 untradeable versions of items that transform the user into a lamb, rabbit, or chicken.

[[Update:Treasure Hunter – Heartfreezer|]]Edit

11 April - 15 April

Hearts of Ice are available from the Heartfreezer amulet and the number of categories that can be frozen per playing is doubled to 20.

[[Update:Treasure Hunter – Slayer Masks 3|]]Edit

4 April - 7 April

Six new Slayer masks are available from Treasure Hunter, each themed around well known Slayer monsters.

[[Update:Treasure Hunter – Skill Outfit Bonanza Returns|]]Edit

26 March - 31 March

Skilling outfits are made more common.

[[Update:Treasure Hunter – Silverhawk Boots|]]Edit

14 March - 17 March

Debut of the Silverhawk boots. As such, the item has increased chances of being won.

[[Update:Treasure Hunter - Prismania|]]Edit

7 March - 10 March

All lamps and fallen stars are prismatic and give 50% extra bonus experience.

[[Update:Treasure Hunter – Blast from the Past|]]Edit

27 February - 3 March

Rare items from the Squeal of Fortune that were discontinued with the release of Treasure Hunter are available as prizes.

[[Update:Treasure Hunter – Valentine's 2014|]]Edit

14 February - 24 February

Valentine love notes are available on Treasure Hunter and as monster drops. They can be exchanged for chocolates to earn a new title, or they can be exchanged for emotes and equipment representing one emotion either love or hate.

[[Update:Treasure Hunter|]]Edit

4 February - 10 February

The Mimic pet is available for a limited time to start off the new minigame, Treasure Hunter.